D3dx9_38.dll missing with windows 8 PC

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D3dx9_38.dll missing with windows 8 PC

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I'm facing a weird bug, could I humbly ask for your help, please ?I've got a brand new windows 8 Dell laptop (inspiron series, 64 bits, intel something inside), for my kids' allowed PC recreational activities (videos, gaming, educational stuff, and hopefully interesting the elder one in basical coding).I downloaded snes9x 1.53, and when running its executable file, I had the error message stating that d3dx9_38.dll was missing.
And yet, running dxdiag, I saw that directX11 was already installed on the machine (you can at least trust Dell to ship laptops with fully installed and working drivers and software), so I can assume that a file related to directX9 ought to be already included in the system, don't you think ?
I then proceeded to downloading that dll file (from here, "download zip file") to snes9x's folder.
To no avail, there was an error message stating that snes9x-x64.exe had an application error (0xc000007b).And here, frankly, I'm lost.
Would you have an advice, perhaps, please ?

Please help.

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